All doors are warranted for 20 years from the date of purchase. The warrant can be transferred to a new owner if your home is sold.

Exclusive Oakgrain Textured Stainable
Same features as standard door with these additional advantages.
* Steel skins are textured with oak grain pattern (similar process as pebblegrain pattern in kitchen appliances).
* Textured steel is more durable and dent resistant.
* Textured surface is easier to finish paint.
* Patented stainable base coating allows door to be finish stained with solid color oil-base exterior wood stain.
* Good stain color match with wood trim.
* More dramatic, richer appearance.
* 20-year warranty.

Polyurethane Core provides R15 insulation for minimal energy loss, winter and summer -- five times better than wood doors.
True Thermal Break protects against heat loss, condensation, and frost build-up on door's inner side.
Triple Contact and Drip Fin on bottom sweep assembly provides a tight seal against temperature and moisture penetration.
Perimeter Weatherstrip, either foam or magnetic, tightly seals door and frame against air infiltration and water leakage.
Premium Polyurethane Core The high density polyurethane core chemically bonds to the steel skins for sturctural rigidity to resist warping, twisting and defamation. No glue is used in our manufacturing process. Reinforced Lockset Area Steel skins are punched and extruded in the lockset area creating a right angle lip around the lock hole. This combined with ABS plastic interior reinforcement provides a permanent solid base for hardware application.
Steel Edge Construction Unique interlocking steel edge design incorporates six 90-degree steel bends in each edge ensuring stability and strength. Eliminates warping and thermal bowing. Rigid Steel Skins Won't warp, sag, shrink, or swell like wood doors. We start with 2r-gauge galvanized steel to help eliminate rust. Oakgrain door skins are work-hardened and provide the strength and dent resistance of heavier gauge steel.